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For a person who is often late, it’s ironic how much I despise my time being wasted. I’ll elaborate.

My tardiness rears its ugly head whenever I work at a job that offers a laid-back environment. Whenever the case, no matter how hard I try, I must push the clock hand back at least 15 minutes either because, I chose fashion over function and it’s taking me longer to shimmy to the metro or, because of unnatural disasters like construction in the city, slowing buses down.

I credit Toastmasters for helping me work on this problem area. There is something in knowing a timekeeper is watching you. A person who commands their position and that will call you out after they have shown the green, the yellow, the red card and you have 30 seconds to wrap up. The Timer also helps keep the meeting on track, from start to finish.

If one can respect the Timer, and impose respect as the Timer then, one can change their relationship with time. That doesn’t just mean arriving or departing on time, it also means keeping count of it in meetings, on project developments, it means using it efficiently to accomplish more things in a day and giving people the respect of not wasting theirs.

The Timer is to me, one of the most important roles at Toastmasters.

See you Thursday at 7pm at the NDG Leader Club and remember that early is on time and on time is late!

PS: What is always running but never moves?

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