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The DIstinguished Toastmaster

Being in Toastmasters as you prepare and give speeches, take roles, perform in Table Topics - there is lots and lots of recognition. There is recognition for joining your club, doing your Ice Breaker, taking on your first role, passing a Level in your Path, Path Completion, and more. It is important to recognize people’s achievements so that people are rewarded for their efforts, and hopefully that they want to keep going for more!

The highest recognition of all is that of the Distinguished Toastmaster. This is a significant achievement and recognition for an immense amount of dedication to Toastmasters. Let’s have a look at what it takes to get there.

As mentioned earlier, Toastmasters uses Pathways as our education program. The successful Distinguished Toastmasters (or DTM) will have completed all the levels in two different paths of Pathways. This amounts to approximately 12 projects per Path, or 24 projects total. It is a lot of speeches! As you ascend to the higher Levels of a Path, the projects become more challenging and time-demanding. A significant amount of effort has gone into making one’s projects a success by completing two different paths.

As well, candidates to be DTM must have taken on a role as a Club officer for at least six months, participated in a Club Success Plan, and participated in District-sponsored Club officer training. Giving back to the Club level is an important aspect of the DTM. As well, DTMs must have participated as a District leader (such as an Area Director or Division Director). Giving back and building your leadership skills is an important part of being a DTM!

Next, the DTM candidate must serve as a club mentor (to a new club) or coach (to a club in need of help). The DTM must also serve successfully as a club sponsor (creating a new club!) or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program. These last two are very interesting programs designed to help promote Toastmasters to the community and to youth, respectively.

Lastly, DTMs must complete a DTM project which is only available once you have completed one path and Levels 1-3 of another path.

As you can see it is a lot of work to become a Distinguished Toastmaster, and you need to be involved in many different ways! But the rewards are great for your leadership skills and your confidence, not to mention the recognition you get from your peers.

Every journey to DTM starts with a single step, why not join us at NDG Leader Toastmasters to learn more! Come meet our DTMs and improve your communication and leadership skills in a fun and friendly setting. Contact us today!

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