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The Grammarian

Our meeting agenda just came out and I’m excited about the word of the day.

Once upon a time, when I read books, I would keep a notebook next to me and jot down all the words that were unfamiliar. Once I finished my reading, I would get the dictionary, look up their meaning and write 3 sentences using my new words to lodge it in my memory.

Wew! That time is far gone. Most often, the only way I read now, is diagonally… someone help me 😊.

Today, the Grammarian helps keep the members of our meeting on their feet. It could be the reason I love this role so much. Whenever I take it, I feel like I get to play teacher, something my zodiac says I would be good at and, indeed, I’m pretty darn decent!

The Grammarian decides the word of the day and the number of times it should be used but also, looks out for proper use of language and hosts a game of who said what, at the end of a session.

To me, it’s both a listening game and a love letter to the language. I really should have majored in English…

Anyway, see you at Toastmasters!

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