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Plans to gather? Come practice Table Topics!

We had our first snowfall a couple of days ago and, Remembrance Day is already behind us! We will blink and December will be here, filling our calendars with events not to miss.

Whether we will be out and about networking, grabbing mocktails or cocktails with co-workers or, dining with family where we will meet the old, the new or the “resilient” significant other, we will be faced with a lot of small talk. Twenty questions that will require us to think on our feet.

These interrogations can come from our curious co-workers, our concerned elders, or our loving parents, be that as it may, it can be hard to respond when we consider their range and sometimes, their outlandishness!

Answering questions is a muscle that we must train and this is where Table Topics come in.

When a friend invited me to an NDG Leader Toastmasters Club meeting 10 years before I actually joined, I dreaded Table Topics and avoided eye contact with the Topics Master at all cost.

Table Topics is a long standing Toastmaster tradition where you are asked a question, and you have 1 to 2 minutes to answer it.

Sounds easy?... Perhaps!

You will have to join us at St Thomas Church on Thursdays to see if you have what it takes 😊 but for now, I’m assuming I have to gear up to answer the upcoming season’s gathering faves and I'll be ready:

Are you worried about losing your job to AI? What are some notable efforts being made toward diversity & inclusion? What is your contribution toward lead generation? Why aren’t you married? Why are you married? Why do you wear your hair like that? Why did you gain weight? Why did you lose weight? What are your thoughts on climate change? What’s all this about self-care?! How will you balance work and family with that schedule? Is it really possible to operate your job from your phone?

LOL, see you at Toastmasters!

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