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As a Marketing Manager I lead multiple meetings in a week and Monday mornings are the times I have a 1:1 with myself to review my calendar and see how best to prepare for all that is ahead. I then repeat my formula daily. Part of my preparation is asking myself a few questions:

What are the meetings I am leading;

Who are the participants;

What is the meeting objective;

Did I send an agenda;

What meetings am I a participant in;

Did I have anything to prepare;

Lastly, what do I wear to help convey my message.

I have taken the habit of running my meetings in the style of multiple Toastmaster roles, combined. Mainly, the Sergeant at Arms, Chairperson, Toastmaster and Timer.

If this seems foreign to you, I do invite you to read our President’s previous post How meetings run for more clarity but essentially, I open the up explaining why we are all gathered here, outline the objectives, introduce anyone who is new to the meeting and the role they will play, go over any pending items, if there had been any and guide the discussion to meet our objectives or to have action items for a follow up, within the allotted time. Minutes outlining to dos are sent shortly after.

And THAT is how one runs a meeting 😊.

Of course, I allow time for exchanges and questions! I even consider the various personalities in the group and book longer meeting times if I know I have included long winded guests, Chatty Pattys or if my participants are just so cool that I will want to chat with them a bit more.

To all professionals called to run meetings, I wish you a motivated Monday and hope that by Thursday, I’ll be meeting you at the NDG Leader Toastmasters Club meeting.

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